"Buttermilk Pancakes"



I love to bake pancakes. I think I said somewhere grounds that are too hard when you sit next to them and guard them very quickly if you find something else to do while they bake. )) But sometimes succumb request and depending on available ingredients are simple pancakes (so at home mom) or fluffy.
They can be served with various fillings, but I can tell you that served with blueberry jam is excellent!


     500 g yogurt / buttermilk
     1 egg
     3 tablespoons sugar
     100 ml warm milk
     2 cups flour
     1 baking powder
     1 vanilla sugar
     a pinch of salt


Put yogurt in a bowl with the egg. Mixing until smooth. Add sugar, salt and vanilla. Then add flour mixed with baking powder and mix well. We get a consistent composition which we then thin with milk composition cald.Vom get a thinner cream.

Depending on the used flour and yogurt (whether or not more whey) will adjust the amount of milk.

Put 1 teaspoon of dough in pan well heated and greased with a little oil. When bubbles appear on the surface are back on the other side of a wide helping us.

Bucatarul viorel

Bon appetite!


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