"Adrienne Maloof secret: Paul Nassif tweets about Brandi Glanville blowup"

On Monday night’s episode of „Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” viewers got a large dose of some near-violent drama between Adrienne Maloof, her husband, Paul Nassif, and Brandi Glanville. Adrienne and Paul confronted Brandi at a social event after hearing from Kim Richards the things she said. Apparently a huge family secret being exposed, but fans are left in the dark at this point.
Paul and Brandi took to their twitter accounts right after the episode on Dec. 10.
Paul tweeted:

„Was being protective when the conversation went out of bounds. Glad everything is fine with @BrandiGlanville. Time to enjoy the holidays!”

Brandi tweeted her own message after Monday’s „Real Housewives” episode.
She wrote:

„Most of what happened with AM &me was after the reunion & off camera so its hard to see why Im so upset with her! Please remember this!”

It seems that Paul and Brandi aren’t as enraged as they were on Monday’s episode! The taping of the Dec. 10 show was aired months ago. Unfortunately everyone has to wait this out until they learn what it is and how it’s resolved!
Will viewers learn what’s behind Adrienne Maloof’s family secret on next week’s episode of „Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”?


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