"Eggplant stuffed with vegetables and turkey breast (or chicken)"


As I said in the last article, I became a little tired of food that you cook as usual. That is why lately I started to invent and experiment with all kinds of new recipes that contain vegetables in abundance. So was born and this recipe for eggplant stuffed with vegetables and turkey breast. What is not easily turkey breast can be substituted with chicken.
• 2 aubergines;
• 250-300 g chicken or turkey;
• 2 carrots;
• Half red pepper;

• 3-4 onions;
• an egg;
• 4 tablespoons of cream;
• 100 g cheese;
• olive oil;
• salt, pepper and oregano.

Peel carrots, wash over the earth, and cut cubes. Just cut and peppers, and roots (white part) cut green onion slices. Stalks will be used too, but later.
Chicken breasts (I used turkey) cut very small pieces.
Cut eggplant in half lengthwise, and core scooped with a spoon. The core result is cut finely and cook with other vegetables in a little olive oil.

Vegetables are allowed to carriage about 5 minutes, then add the meat. When meat is almost done add the chopped green onion stalks, sprinkle a little oregano, and salt and pepper to taste. Allow the fire, more stirring occasionally, until meat is well done.
Meanwhile, core drained eggplant salt and pepper, and let it cook about 5 to 10 minutes in the oven at medium heat.

Eggplants are removed from the oven and fill with meat and vegetable mixture.
Beat egg with sour cream and pour over eggplant. Arade cheese on top and put them in the oven.

Allow crust until golden catch. Another time, instead of cheese, sheep cheese mixed’ve used, bought from an old lady in the market, and beaten egg I poured cream cheese. They were super and sheep cheese.
Serve immediately removed from the oven. How do contain meat and vegetables in abundance, I think that requires no lining.


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