"Turkey trotters"

 „Turkey trotters”



    turkey, pieces complete with skin and bones (I used about 2 pounds of miscellaneous pieces: 1 leg, back, neck, chest bone)
2 bay leaves
1 teaspoon of pepper
optional vegetable soup: 1 onion, 1-2 carrots, 1 celery little
necessary, proportional to rinse food gelatin (about 7-8 grams of gelatin to 500 ml. liquid)
Preparation: I chopped turkey pieces, as shown, is a bird in the country:Put all the pieces of turkey in a roomy pot (7 liters, in my case) and cover with cold water. From start to add 1 teaspoon of salt will help to clot resulting foam during boiling.Place pot on medium heat and foaming as soon as it is collected carefully several times until it will not form.After no longer foaming, add the bay leaves and peppercorns and vegetables (I said it was optional for those who do not like sweet taste that these vegetables will give you piftiei and prefer to just feel the taste of meat and garlic).
Preparare Piftie de curcan 44Se cooking turkey jelly jelly boil until the meat just falls off the bones and cartilage and soften them (in poultry these are pretty tough cartilage). Basically, it takes at least 4-5 hours a boil over mic.Eu do so: after rasfierbe jelly and simmer, turn off the fire and put the pot in a cool everything was cool until the next zi.1. If fluid to clot the next day I declare myself lucky desired consistency, immediately removed with a spoon fat from surface, put the pot back on the heat until jelly is again broth, remove vegetables, meat and bones with a slotted spoon and add the garlic soup taste, salty taste and fit the strainer filter. Carefully loosen the meat from the bones (not keep your skin), put meat in the form (in a tray in bowls etc.) And pour the liquid over. Forms give cold and soon we enjoy a tasty and well inchegata.2 jelly. The second option is when, after it has cooled overnight, consisted grudgingly that what is in the pot has a consistency between soup and jelly. In this case, carefully remove fat from the surface (it’s better to do this now, when it coagulant) and jelly boil again until fall again. Every hour, probably 2-3 

tablespoons of broth you put in a bowl and give them to the freezer to cool. If gelifica soon, it’s good, if not not, after all you have to resort to using gelatine, which hydrated in cold water and add to the soup warm (not heat, not boiling, about 50 degrees) and blend until topeste.De this time I was lucky and turkey that I used was very suitable for jelly, so I boned and despielitat, divided meat in bowls, soup poured over spiced with garlic to taste and strained (as explained in Section 1), stored castronasele terrace and chill out in about an hour was congealed piftia.Pentru look more beautiful, I put a star on the bottom of many forms of carrot and a sprig of parsley boiled, I poured one tablespoon of broth and left to harden in cold 5-10 minutes.We divided the meat over decor and I carefully poured the soup.
When cool Well, I crashed and I served piftiile each what he liked most: I with lemon, horseradish my husband.

 Afişează profilul

 I wish you good appetite


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